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STUDENT SPOTLIGHT: Owl-some work from Faith!

Faith wrote the following poem in the Spring 2023 section of our course "A Young People's History of the United States." Faith wrote her poem following the week in which we focus on the role of women in early American history and in response to the image of Sojourner Truth. Students learned that in Sojourner Truth's time, photographers often referred to the captured image in a photograph as the "shadow" and that Sojourner Truth created the cards in the image to sell as a way to support her activism as an abolitionist and suffragist.

Faith's poem:

I sell the shadow to support the substance

I’d give it all right now

I've worked

And worked

Days and days

Seen all my children sold off as slaves

I'm a Black Woman in America

I have nothing left to lose

I’ve worked as much as a man has

Ain't I woman too

Nobody opens carriage doors for me

Only Jesus hears my pleas

Look at my arms

Look at my hands

Look at my knees

Look at the glasses barely fitting my face

Knitting at an insane pace

This is a wretched place

I sell the shadow

All the shadows

Every shadow

And one day

They will all know about the substance

They will know my name

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